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ASU Employees, members of the United States Military and companies registering 5 or more participants may be eligible for a special rate.

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Program Description

The Online Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (LSSGB) Certification program accredited by the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering at Arizona State University (ASU) has been designed to cater to learners across three industry areas: ManufacturingHealthcare and Service / Transactional. Participants enrolling in the program will select an industry focus to learn about sector-specific tools, case studies and applications of lean and six sigma.

Industry Focus Areas

Regardless of the industry focus area chosen, the LSSGB at ASU examines how Lean and Six Sigma are used together to provide breakthrough improvements for organizations. The program follows the Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control (DMAIC) methodology; a customer-focused, fact and data-driven approach that guides continuous improvement and operational excellence.


The LSSGB-Manufacturing program explores tools to form a disciplined roadmap for developing solutions to existing problems, processes and products in the manufacturing sector.

Health Care

The LSSGB-Health Care program explores aspects of managing health care organizations to eliminate life-threatening errors, reduce wait-times, increase safety, and reduce expenses.

Service / Transactional

The LSSGB-Service / Transactional program focuses on tools for service organizations to increase profitability, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce process cycle times.

Becoming a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt will equip you with the ability to evaluate and improve current processes, and establish optimized future state processes within your organizations. It also serves as a basis for the Six Sigma Black Belt program. Organizations are always looking for innovative ways to do things better, faster and cheaper. The Lean Six Sigma tool set will help you achieve those goals. This program is applicable in various industries; professionals, faculty, and students are encouraged to become certified.

Program Outline

The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt program is a combination of online coursework and an applied project, covering the following topics:

  • Choosing and managing Lean Six Sigma projects. 
  • Process and Value Stream Mapping (VSM), and process flow optimization. 
  • Choosing metrics, establishing a measurement system, and collecting data. 
  • Quantifying the performance gap between current and future state process analysis.
  • Identify decision-making data in processes through the application of data analysis tools.
  • Normal distribution, process capability analysis, and measurement systems analysis
  • Statistics for Six Sigma including relationships between variables, correlation, and regression analysis. 
  • Basic Design of Experiments and Design for Six Sigma.
  • Lean essentials and the removal of waste from a process. 
  • Implementation of Lean Six Sigma tools to close performance gaps, reduce process variation, and center performance on a target value.
  • Application of basic statistical process control methods to monitor performance.

Who Should Enroll

This program is for professionals involved in improving processes and operational performance within a specific work area, or as a team member contributing to larger-scale methods to monitor performance. 


Working knowledge of statistics is recommended, such as a college-level statistics course, other statistics training or work-related experience.

Program Delivery Modalities

The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (LSSGB) certification program is offered primarily as an online program, but other modalities are offered occasionally or upon request for custom offerings.


100% online facilitated by experienced industry professionals. The online modality is offered as a cohort-based program with a fixed start date.


The hybrid modality includes live sessions with plenty of hands-on activities, offered virtually and/or in-person at ASU. Register for the next hybrid program.


Available for organizations that would like a customized experience, focusing on company-centric processes. Instructors work with leadership to address specific needs.

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