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Engineering - Quality, Reliability & Statistical Engineering (MEng)

Degree Awarded 

Master of Engineering (MEng)

Contact Information

Colleen Farrell
Academic Success Coordinator
Global Outreach & Extended Education
Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering
Arizona State University

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Program Information 

The Master of Engineering degree program offers an area of study in Quality, Reliability & Statistical Engineering. This track offers specialized courses founded on basic engineering and statistics principles that are central to improving quality, reliability, and achieving meaningful business results in today's modern business organizations. The program is designed to prepare graduates for a wide spectrum of opportunities in product and service realization, including engineering design, product and process development, manufacturing, distribution, logistics, and supply chain operations. Students will learn about how modern statistical and engineering techniques are deployed in a wide range of industrial and business settings. They will also learn the basic underlying methodology so that they can develop novel solutions to problems that are unique to their own environment. Some of the world-renowned faculty participating in this program include Dr. Douglas Montgomery, Dr. Esma Gel, and Dr. George Runger.

The MEng is designed for working professionals and delivered entirely online to meet the unique needs of professional engineers. It is a practice-oriented degree.

Admission Requirements 

For admission to the program, an undergraduate grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.00 scale is expected for the last 60 credits of the undergraduate transcript. The schools attended and major of study completed are also significant factors in admission. An example of undergraduate degrees of applicants might include, but not limited to the following: B.S in Business, B.S. in Mathematics, B.S. in Engineering. Completion of a basic statistics course in required.

In general, students should have completed coursework in differential and integral calculus (usually two courses), statistics course, computer course and have some knowledge of matrix algebra.
GRE not required.

Applicants must submit a professional resume and personal statement as part of the online admissions application.

Official transcripts for the undergraduate degree (and graduate coursework, if applicable) should be sent to the Graduate College.

All applicants must meet the English proficiency requirements, as defined by the Graduate College.

Degree Requirements 

Students must complete 30 credit hours to earn the Master of Engineering degree. For students electing the Graduate Certificate Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Program option, they are required to complete IEE 581 Six Sigma Methodology and Six Sigma Capstone Project along with all required core courses, and one member of the project committee must be a practicing professional. Students electing this option will also receive a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification along with the graduate certificate and MEng degree.

A culminating event is required and will be identified by the student’s advisory committee. The final report for a practice-oriented project (IEE 593:Applied Project or IEE585: Six Sigma Capstone) will serve as the capstone experience.


Required Core Courses (15 Graduate Credits):

  • IEE 572 Design of Engineering Experiments
  • IEE 578 Regression Analysis
  • IEE 570 Advanced Quality Control
  • IEE 573 Reliability Engineering 
  • IEE 571 Quality Management

Elective Courses (12 Graduate Credits):

  • IEE 520 Data Mining
  • IEE 579 Time Series and Forecasting
  • IEE 581 Six Sigma Methodology *
  • IEE 561 Production Systems 
  • IEE 582 Response Surfaces and Process Optimization
  • IEE 512 Introduction to Financial Engineering
  • IEE 552 Strategic Technological Planning
  • IEE 545 Simulating Stochastic Systems
  • IEE 574 Applied Deterministic Operations Research Models
  • IEE 575 Applied Stochastic Operations Research Models
  • IEE 534 Supply Chain Modeling and Analysis

* IEE 581 must be selected for students pursuing the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certificate.

Capstone (3 Graduate Credits):

  • IEE 593 Applied Project - QRSE
  • IEE 585 Six Sigma Capstone Project (capstone course for students pursuing the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification)