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In our continued quest for quality and service to our Engineering distance learning students, our office has created a more efficient and student-friendly enrollment process.

We have removed the department consent; from many of the Engineering online course sections. In the past, this consent directed students to go through our office before allowing registration through Peoplesoft. By removing this step, online engineering students are able to register, without added restrictions, for these course sections like any other ASU student.

Once a student has registered for the course, our office will contact he/she to request the required proctor information. This process will be completed through a proctor approval application form, providing this information only to our office. Visit our proctor information page, for more details. 

Although the online graduate professional engineering programs and courses are offered primarily to off-campus working professionals, some course sections are available for engineering students enrolled in a campus-based program.

There are additional fees for the online course section. Visit our Cost page, to find more information. 


Maintaining Continuous Enrollment 

  • Graduate degree seeking students and  graduate certificate program students must be registered for a minimum of one credit hour during all phases of their graduate education, including the term in which they graduate (this may be a summer session). 
  • A Request to Maintain Continuous Enrollment form must be submitted prior to the semester start date if a student does not plan on attending a semester.
  • Students who do not register for a fall or spring semester without an approved request are considered withdrawn from the university under the assumption that they have decided to discontinue their program.  
  • Student who withdraw from their semester courses are considered withdrawn from the university under the assumption that they have decided to discontinue their program.
  • Students removed due to lack of enrollment and/or withdrawal from the term may reapply for admission to resume thier degree program: the application will be considered along with all other new applications to the degree program. For more information, see Continuous Enrollment.

For additional details on the admissions process, visit ASU's admissions website.