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Learn to apply the latest advancements and industry insights to real-world challenges

Whether you're an individual seeking career advancement or an organization aiming for excellence, our training equips you with tools to help you succeed. We offer multiple certifications in operational excellence, project management, and more! Programs are offered multiple times throughout the year by renowned ASU Engineering faculty and industry experts, providing you with a meaningful, industry-recognized certification with the backing of the top provider of tech and engineering talent in the US.

Stackable Microcredentials

Stackable Microcredentials are a cutting-edge approach to learning designed to align your skills with the dynamic needs of today's workforce. Taught by ASU faculty and industry experts, stackable microcredentials offer flexible and targeted learning in emerging technologies including smart manufacturing, robotics, and automation.

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) with MQTT Protocol Badge



Equip yourself with essential skills in Smart Manufacturing, MQTT communication, and practical applications using Raspberry Pi.

Complete four courses to earn the badge.


  • Detail the first principles of Smart Manufacturing and specify the 5-layered architecture governing the flow of data from machine assets to factory information systems.
  • This micro-badge will enable you to:
    • Describe the foundational principles and application of smart manufacturing.
    • Explain data flow in industrial processes and how it contributes to smart manufacturing initiatives.


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  • Simulate MQTT-based machine data publishing and subscribing in Node-RED and create a dashboard for monitoring simulated machines.
  • This micro-badge will enable you to:
    • Gain proficiency in implementing MQTT communication.
    • Develop a dashboard using Node-Red.




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  • Simulate MQTT-based publishing and subscribing for a simulated machine asset streaming data in Node-RED, and concurrently develop a Factory User Interface (UI) Dashboard for visualizing factory data.

  • This micro-badge will enable you to:
    • Create interactive web-based dashboards using Plotly Dash.
    • Communicate an understanding of Pub-Sub communication.
    • Raspberry PI with MQTT


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  • Configure Raspberry Pi devices with sensors, develop middleware services for data transmission, and integrate them with SQL databases to create a functional IIoT solution, focusing on backend-middleware-frontend architecture for smart manufacturing environments.

  • This micro-badge will enable you to:
    • Leverage Raspberry Pi's capability for data collection and transmission in IIoT applications.
    • Understand Middleware services development.


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  • Earn the badge and gain the ability to:
    • Describe how data flows from the machine asset to the factory information system
    • Identify, interpret, and apply publish-subscribe (Pub-Sub) based MQTT communication protocol
    • Develop a front-end User Interface (UI) using the Plotly Dashboard Python-based framework
    • Deploy middleware services that connect the backend and front end of an IIoT hardware-software stack


Professional Programs and Certifications

Professional Certifications in Computer Science

Enhance your skills in the highly-technical area of Computer Science through these professional certifications, which can be completed as a stand-alone- credential or it can be pursued towards a graduate degree, earning up to 30 credits towards ASU Online’s Master of Computer Science. Programs generally take 6-9 months to complete at 15-20 hours per week. Participants pay $1500 per course and can access all content on demand with the option of attending live sessions each week with expert instructors.

Microelectronics Short Courses for Professionals

From computers and mobile phones to cars and household appliances, microelectronics are everywhere — and jobs in the industry are set to grow by 33% by 2030, offering earning potential and exciting new career pathways for people interested in a dynamic, fast-growing sector of the economy.

Microelectronics manufacturers are looking for talent, and ASU is working with industry leaders to help them fill this need by offering education and training to help prepare learners for lucrative job opportunities.

Increase your knowledge and skills today through ASU’s Microelectronics Specializations available now on Coursera.  WIth short courses available in a variety of highly-engaging topics, you can enroll and start learning from ASU’s experts in a matter of minutes. Most specializations include  four to five courses and can be completed within 1 - 2 months at just 10 hours per week.

Tech-focused specializations

Discover our tech-focused "Specializations" concise, on-demand courses developed by ASU's expert faculty. Dive into cutting-edge topics tailored for today's current and aspiring technical professionals.  Specializations consist of multiple short-courses that can be completed individually or as part of the series.  Enroll and start learning today!

Custom Training Programs

We recognized that training and development is not one-size-fits-all. Whether you are looking for a short course on a particular emerging technology or a comprehensive program to develop new skills, we can create a training program that works for you, even in highly technical fields.

Explore Custom Training Programs