Technical Support

Technical Support

ASU's Office of Global Outreach and Extended Education (GOEE) provides technical support for its online courses. There are many parts that go into delivering an online course and directing you to the correct resource to solve your issue is our goal.

Having technical trouble with your online class?

If you have issues with your online class, consider checking the System Outages link below and look over the FAQs below and the Using Mediasite page before contacting our Technical Support Team at Emailing this address will automatically generate a support ticket. Please provide as much information about the problem as possible including: The class name and instructor, which lectures are problematic, where you are trying to access from (e.g. Work, Military Base, Home), and the operating system and web browser are you using.

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System Outages

If one of the services you are trying to access is unavailable, you can see if there is a system outage, or if maintenance in progress:

What are the minimum system requirements?

Please visit the following link to assure your computer meets the Mediasite requirements:
Minimum System Requirements

  • Sound card and speakers
  • Color monitor capable of at least 1024x768 resolution
  • High speed Internet connection with a download speed of 750 kbps
  • HTML5 compatible browser that supports h.264 video (for recorded content)


The courses and materials are provided through an Internet connection. Lectures are presented via Mediasite (see the Using Mediasite page) and include video along with other visual materials as seen in the classroom. Books, exams, and course packets are still paper-based. Online students have access to all other online resources offered by the university in the same manner as the on-campus students.

Generally access to online lecture material is not available to students who are not registered to the on-line section; however some content may be viewable during the first several days of the semester until late registration has been completed. Instructors may occasionally post a pre-recorded lecture for in class students in the event they are unable to attend class.

Recorded lectures are available for playback during the semester you are enrolled in, access may be available for several days after the official close of the semester to accommodate students under certain circumstances.


Recorded lectures are not available for download to personal devices unless prior arrangements and approval is granted by the course instructor and GOEE administration.

If you are experiencing playback errors please visit the Using Mediasite page and ensure your computer meets the system requirements: Minimum System Requirements
 If your system meets the minimum requirements and the information on the Using Mediasite page doesn’t resolve the issue please contact GOEE Technical Support

Students that are not registered for the on-line section may have access for several days at the beginning of the semester while late registration and registration conflicts are resolved.

Sharing online-lecture content with future or in-class students violates academic integrity policy, please review the following policies: ASU Academic Integrity Policy

You can check your browser's HTML5 compatibility here:

Additionally you can check that you meet the minimum system requirements
 for Mediasite here: