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Online Engineering Degree Programs


The Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering at Arizona State University (ASU), offers a portfolio of online graduate engineering certificate and degree programs for working professionals. By leveraging the renowned Engineering School faculty, we offer convenient "anytime, anyplace" undergraduate degree completion, graduate degrees and graduate certificates online for global engineers.

Advance your technical competencies and advance your career opportunities by enrolling in an individual course or pursue a complete program. There is no on-campus residency requirement for students pursuing the online programs or courses.

Online Undergraduate Degrees 

Degree name 
Computer Science (BS)
Electrical Engineering (BSE)
Electrical Engineering - Electric Power and Energy Systems (BSE)
Engineering Management (BSE)
Graphic Information Technology (Applied Science BAS)
Graphic Information Technology (BS)
Graphic Information Technology - Full-Stack Web Development (BS)
Graphic Information Technology - User Experience (BS)
Human Systems Engineering (BS)
Human Systems Engineering - User Experience (BS)
Information Technology (BS)
Internet and Web Development (Applied Science BAS)
Mechanical Engineering (BSE)
Operations Management (Applied Science BAS)
Software Engineering (BS)
Technological Entrepreneurship and Management (BS)

Online Graduate Degrees 

Degree name 
Computer Science (MCS)
Computer Science - Big Data Systems (MCS)
Computer Science - Cybersecurity (MCS)
Construction Management and Technology (MS)
Electrical Engineering (MBA/MSE)
Electrical Engineering (MSE)
Engineering - Computing and Technology (MEng) - ASU ZaiXian (China); Mandarin language only
Engineering - Engineering Management (MEng)
Engineering - Quality, Reliability & Statistical Engineering (MEng)
Engineering - Systems Engineering (MEng)
Engineering Science in Software Engineering (MSE)
Graphic Information Technology (MS)
Industrial Engineering (MBA/MS)
Industrial Engineering (MS)
Information Technology (MS)
Materials Science and Engineering (MS)
Sustainable Engineering (MSE)
User Experience (MS)

Online Graduate Certificates 

Degree name 
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (Graduate Certificate)
Nuclear Power Generation (Graduate Certificate)
Semiconductor Processing (Graduate Certificate)