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Student Testimonial: "I am more marketable"

Tyler Nelson, a graduate from University of Arizona in computer engineering, recently finished his master’s degree in computer software engineering at Arizona State University through the Global Outreach and Extended Education (GOEE) program for the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering.

What attracted Nelson to GOEE was its prominent reputation among other online degree programs. Employed full-time as a software developer for a government contractor, he could not afford to waste time and money on a shabby education.

“If I was going to pursue a master's degree,” Nelson reasons, “then I wanted it to be worth it.” Having no previous experience with online courses, the only challenge he faced was organizing his time for the coursework.

Fortunately for Nelson, he was very pleased to discover the “understanding” nature of both the professors and the courses themselves.

The structure of the courses allowed me to organize the class to fit my schedule, Nelson explains. The lectures were user-friendly, and students were allotted plenty of time to complete the coursework.

The benefits of earning his masters degree have already begun for Nelson. Having attained a greater skill level with technologies and programs, he has already achieved a new position with better benefits.

“I am more marketable,” says Nelson. The GOEE program familiarized him with a wider variety of highly applicable technologies that he may never have mastered on his own.

GOEE was a successful educational program that has already proven its worth for Nelson: “I would definitely recommend it to co-workers.”