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Through the support of USAID, Arizona State University, and Rockwell Automation are collaborating

Collaboration to advance Indonesian higher education in the STEM field

by technostyle editor  2023/05/08

Teknostyle – Rockwell Automation, a global leader in industrial automation and digital transformation, signed an MOU on May 5 with the USAID HEPI project. These organizations share the same vision to advance Indonesian Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) higher education.

Under the terms of the MOU, Rockwell Automation will provide hardware, software and training support to develop state-of-the-art automation teaching labs at Indonesian universities. These laboratories will help prepare students for in-demand careers with Indonesian producers.

“We are very pleased that Rockwell Automation is joining USAID HEPI in helping advance Indonesia's STEM capabilities,” said Farhad Ghaussy, Director of the USAID Indonesia Office of Economic Growth and Education. "The connections we are creating between Indonesian and American universities and private sector partners will aid Indonesia's efforts to build a workforce with advanced technological skills."

The USAID HEPI project team will work closely with Rockwell Automation engineers to design and implement teaching labs with HEPI mentor hub university partners, including Hasanuddin University (UNHAS), Bina Nusantara University (BINUS), and Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB).

“This is an exemplary public-private partnership model developed through the HEPI project,” said Jeffrey Goss, Associate Vice Provost, Southeast Asia for Arizona State University , implementing partner for HEPI. Now faculty can engage students with applied, industry-related hands-on learning activities that support job readiness on Rockwell Automation's leading technology. “

With direct access to and training on smart manufacturing technology, this will better prepare university graduates for the digital transformation that is taking place in many industrial sectors in Indonesia.

“Rockwell Automation has been working with USAID and Arizona State University, since 2018 to advance STEM education in the ASEAN Region. This includes faculty training, student competitions, and the development of advanced teaching and research laboratories. Now, through the HEPI project, we are bringing these capabilities and opportunities to Indonesia,” said Marcelo Tarkieltaub, Regional Director Southeast Asia, Rockwell Automation.

After HEPI's university hub partners set up this laboratory and program, it is hoped that more than 20 Indonesian-affiliated university partners will be able to explore opportunities to further expand the program to more students across Indonesia.



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