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Entrepreneurship and Innovation Track

Join us today and take the first step towards achieving your entrepreneurial goals and turning your ideas into a reality.

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The Entrepreneurship and Innovation (E&I) Track is the perfect opportunity for you to turn your ideas into a reality. This track has been curated with a unique focus on providing learners with insights to re-frame their thinking in order to maximize their chances for success. The curriculum features coursework focused on developing a foundational understanding of the entrepreneurial process.

Participants will engage in guided projects, cross-cutting themes, and foundational knowledge to ensure a comprehensive and tailored learning experience. With the flexibility to choose courses and skills that align with your unique interests and goals, you'll be equipped with the knowledge and experience to excel in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation. Here is a sample of some of the courses you can complete in the E&I Track.

Participants must complete at least one course from the Guided Projects section, one course from the Cross-Cutting Themes section and all courses in the Mandatory Courses section to receive a program-level certificate of completion issued by STIC. Participants will also receive a course-level certificate after completing individual courses. 

Upon completing your STIC E&I Track, you will receive a program-level certificate of completion, making you eligible to apply for the STIC Online Business Venture Incubator Program and participate in our annual Pitch Competition for a chance to win $12,500 in seed funding.

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STIC Online Business Venture Incubator Program

On an annual basis, the STIC Program will announce a call for applications into the Online Business Venture Incubator to eligible participants. Instruction for the incubator program will be delivered via live Zoom sessions by a seasoned subject matter expert from Arizona State University who teaches technology entrepreneurship, strategic innovation and new venture development. This incubator program will help participants increase the value of their technical skill set by expanding their understanding of how to create value through innovation and new venture development.

Each year, STIC will select and guide 35 entrepreneurs through the preparation of their business models and investor pitches, and all 35 participants will receive a travel grant to present their ideas at the STIC Annual Conference in a “Shark Tank-style” pitch competition. At the event, four projects will be selected to receive a seed grant of $12,500 each, with the winners having 12 months to submit a final report showing their progress.


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