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Proctor Information


Each instructor will list in his or her syllabus the style of the preferred proctor mode for taking exams in that particular course. Some instructors require the use of RPNow (an online proctoring system that can be used almost anywhere). Other instructors require a traditional live proctor where the student is responsible for locating an acceptable proctor.   All exams must be taken on the day they are scheduled.  There are no exceptions unless you have made prior arrangements with your professor and he/she sends written confirmation to you and/or GOEE for traditional live proctors. You must notify us regarding any changes in your exam date so we can accurately track your exam. The time of day you take the exam is flexible because it should be at the convenience of your proctor's schedule as we have students in different time zones, unless otherwise noted by your professor.

RPNow Information

RPNow is an on-demand service for proctoring online exams in an LMS (Learning Management System) such as Canvas. Here is a site with some background information if you are interested

RPNow Process

Faculty identify when they will be holding exams during the semester.

Faculty work with GOEE to set up a practice exam within their course well in advance of the first exam. This gives students the opportunity to practice using the system in a low-stakes environment and gives faculty the opportunity to ask questions of GOEE before an actual exam. These practice exams do not need to have points attached and can be very simple.

GOEE creates the exam within RPNow and notifies the faculty.

Faculty can review the exam and set-up.

Exam is launched and students complete the exam.

Flagged student violation recordings are reviewed for academic integrity concerns.

Faculty are able to grade and return the exams electronically.

Proctor Roles & Responsibilities

The proctor will be responsible for receiving the exams, following the guidelines for administering the exam (time frame, open or closed book exam, or other instructions as provided by the professor teaching the course) and returning the exam to the University.  

Acceptable proctors include: Education office; librarian at a college, university, or academic institution; testing administrator at college, university or testing center; military learning center or military office of higher rank; HR or training representative or direct supervisor within the student’s organization. Proctors cannot be another student in the program or admitted to ASU, a friend/colleague, family member, teaching assistant or anyone who reports directly to you. Proctor Form The proctor form must be submitted to GOEE no later than the first day of class.

Once you have found a suitable proctor, please fill out the form (pay special attention that the bolded items are filled out correctly), have your proctor fill out their section, and email it back.  You will be notified as to whether this person has been approved to serve as your proctor by the GOEE staff ( Please note that you will need to submit a new proctor form each semester.

Proctor Roles & Responsibilities and the Proctor Approval Application form can be accessed:  

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Exams will be sent to the proctor via email in a WORD or PDF format no later than 5:00 am the day of the exam, if we have received it prior to this time by the professor.  All instructions for the exam will be included.  Upon completion of the exam, the proctor will email or scan the exam back to the GOEE office.  All contact information will be included with the instructions.  Due to integrity issues, no copies of the exam are to be given to the students.