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ASU produces a bumper crop of Southeast Asian entrepreneurs

Innovators in the Lower Mekong region grew their entrepreneurial skills, agricultural tech, and business ideas in Mekong-U.S. Partnership Young Scientist Program

by Monique Clement | Aug 15, 2022 

Online graduate engineering programs ranked among the nation's best

US News ranks 3 online engineering specialties in the top 5



January 25, 2022

Vietnamese student entrepreneurs electrify wheelchairs

Din Tuan Anh has dreamed of developing an electric wheelchair since he was in high school. Now a student at Lac Hong University in Vietnam, he is applying what he’s learned from Arizona State University’s Engineering Projects in Community Service program to turn his idea, AutoMov, into reality.

Exploring STEAM and Workforce Development in Costa Rica

The office of Global Outreach and Extended Education has continued to expand Arizona State University’s presence in Costa Rica through the avenues of STEM education to secondary school boys and girls and workforce development opportunities in the medical device industry and beyond.

New LSSGB Certification

Begun in the mid-1980s, Lean and Six Sigma methodologies have been in place to educate on reducing cycle time and eliminating waste, and creating near perfect results consistently to achieve satisfaction. Arizona State University offers a portfolio of Lean and Six Sigma programs for Yellow, Green and Black Belts.

First IoT Expert Curiosity University T-Mobile Cohort

CES Las Vegas 2020 saw the introduction of a large number of smart products for home, personal, commercial and industrial use. Many technologies for wireless communications, IoT, UAVs and robotics, home automation, and for electric and autonomous vehicles were introduced as well as for digital consumer electronic products.